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To :

Subject: Change in procedure for exchange of office documents

Dear All,

This mail is to inform one and all in the office about the changes that have been brought forth in the official exchange of mails and documents from one staff to the other. These changes have been initiated on account of theft of some of the vital office documents.

The changes are meant for any exchange of office documents and official communication as given hereunder :

1)      All exchange of official communication is to be on record.

2)      No staff to make use of personal denotations while communicating in official mail.

3)      All official documents that are transferred from one staff to another to be noted in the file transfer document which will be audited every week by their respective supervisors.

4)      No staff to make use of derogatory language in official communication.

5)      No staff to communicate with clients until assigned by the respective supervisor.

These changes have been brought into force with immediate effect and any violation will not be tolerated at any cost.

Hope all the new official document exchange process is clear. I expect that all the staff members will ensure to follow this new process religiously.

Yours Sincerely,

David Blundell.

CEO, ABC Private Limited.

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