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Office emails are a particular mode of communication used for commuting with individuals regarding issues of official concern. These types of emails can be exchanged between employees or departments of a particular office or can be sent to some other office for purposes strictly corporate and pertaining to the operation of the particular office or company. The purpose of framing such emails is highly official and hence, the documents should have a professional approach, although personal and humane touches can be included in issues of condolence, loss of job, etc.

Office emails serve as important official records and should be prepared in the proper format. Thus, the following points should be kept in mind while preparing office emails:

  • The emails must be addressed to the proper person, department, or company, as may be the case.
  • The exact date should be mentioned in office emails.
  • Office emails should contain a subject part that will give a correct hint of the actual matter contained in the body of the email.
  • Every office has certain decorum and formal procedures and office emails should strictly maintain that nature and abide by the rules and regulations.
  • The key rule for preparing office emails is to keep it short and simple, without skipping any of the essential details.
  • Office emails should take special notice to avoid any spelling, grammatical or other technical errors.

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