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Dear Ms. Timberlake,

As per our telephonic discussion regarding the designation of head nurse in Blue Health Care Clinic, I am mailing you my resume along with the reward letters earned by me during my previous tenures in order to request for the interview to work with you. I am a skilled nurse with 10 years of expertise.

Throughout my candidature, I have worked with many renowned medical institutes, heart care clinics and hospitals. I have gained knowledge to improve my practice and to serve the patients in an effective manner. My abilities of handling serious cases, interactive skills and proficient interpersonal proficiency will be prove very beneficial for your clinic. I can negotiate over the annual package and can serve you with the flexible schedule.

If there is any question & query, please contact me at 6580 473 4738 or kindly e-mail me at

I would really appreciate if you arrange my interview for this designation.

Thank you so much for you precious time!

Yours sincerely,

Monika Anderson

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