Noise Complaint Email


Hello Mr. Mackenzie

I am Kate Williams and I am staying right next to your premises. This email was in regard of loud noises coming from your house which is unbearable to most of the neighbors including me which are residing adjoining to your property.

Due to our different work timings it wasn’t possible to come personally and explain the things. Though I have tried few times but you were not present at your place. Till date I was not aware of your work timings and came to know that you have night working hours. Your absence have made your kids go little wild and seems creating havoc for us by partying most of the night.

I took it as a duty to inform you regarding the same as you might not be aware of the situation back home. I would request you to take this email into consideration and take necessary steps.

Thanking You


Jane Miller

Ph: 290-998-0651

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