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Dear friend Greg

Subject: Expressing my love for your dear friend in a few words using this email

Friendship is the greatest gift that live endows upon us. Friendship is sweet and sour, nice and bitter but is a relation stronger and much purer than any other relation in the world. Thanks for being my friend Greg and letting me experience the joy of your company. In our busy lives we forget to be grateful to our lovely friends and express our love for them. So I take this email as an opportunity to thank you for giving me a beautiful and lovely gift of friendship.

Ever since we have become friends, there has been no day when I didn’t feel happy in your presence. You have been a guiding force in my life and have always been there for me no matter what the situation was. Many friends came and went but you have stuck with me through all events and seasons in life. Greg remember the times we spent together trying to study but ending up talking nonstop for hours. There is nothing that I have not talked to you about and there is nothing that you have hidden from me. This is the reason why I call this relation so pure and magical.

I just want to tell you that I will be there for you forever and ever and you can fall back upon me whenever you need to.

Thanks for everything

Your best friend


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