New Service Announcement Email


Subject: New service announcement email

Dear customers and clients,

The Royal Bank of Birmingham is pleased to announce new services and offers for small business holders and owners. This letter is intended to notify to you all that we are announcing the new services linked to asset management and financial planning. The main goal would be to serve small business companies with good financial plans, easy loans, modes and procedures to manage assets and hence ensure long term profitability.

Our new services would facilitate the clients and customers linked to The Royal Bank of Birmingham to deal with online transactions, payments of loan amounts and get involved in any other transactions, 24 hours a day. No matter if you are willing to start or grow a business, the bank employees are there to lend the best of their services and offers to you. The Royal Bank of Birmingham is known and is committed to render superior services at an affordable rate of interest.

We welcome any kind of queries an information that you might need. Do not hesitate to call us on our customer care number 02323-4838 or drop us an email on We look forward to serve you.

Thanking you.


Joseph Marley


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