New Business Proposal Email

A new business proposal email is an email using which a person or a party proposes a new business or business idea to another person or party. Generally, such emails are sent from higher officials of a company to company owners to suggest new business propositions or are exchanged between existing business partners. A sample of a new business proposal email is given below and can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample new business proposal email:



Subject: proposition for a new business

Respected Sir,

As a trusted employee of this company and its well-wisher, I, Roger Davis have come out with a proposal for a new business. We already have an existing business of manufacturing TVs and Music systems and also have good popularity in the market.  It would be great if we could venture into production of cameras and video cameras as well.

The camera and video camera market is blooming these days and there is a lot of scope in this segment. We must start off with just a few basic models and then go on to expand the business depending upon the response. If we are able to tap on this market as well, we can experience true success and a lot of profit. I understand that this business will require a decent investment but we can get profits within 2 years of establishment if all goes as per plan.

I am attaching a detailed proposal of this business for your reference. For any further information I can be contacted on 8890099.

Looking forward to your reply.

Yours sincerely,

Roger Davis

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