New Business Announcement Email

A new business announcement email is an email which is sent by a person or party to its customers, clients or partners to inform them about a new business venture or company. The email must act as an announcement of the news or information and should explain the purpose or service of the business. A sample of one such email is provided below.

Sample new business announcement email:



Subject: announcement of a new Bedsheet manufacturing business

Dear customers,

Your favorite home linen retail store ‘Fine Living’ has an announcement for all of you. We have ventured into a new business which deals with Bedsheet manufacturing. This business shall now be operating from the name of ‘Kylin Bed Linen’.

Kylin Bed Linen is a business that will bring to you some of the finest quality bed sheets, bedcovers and pillow cases. We will be offering a large myriad of beautiful designs, patterns, fabrics and Bedsheet sizes to suit all needs and to cater to all income groups. The bed sheets can be bought from our retail outlets as well as through online shopping portals. We shall soon be spreading our reach not only across New York but across USA in a matter of a few months.

As our existing customers, we offer you 15% discount on all Kylin Premier Range bed sheets but this offer is only valid for retail outlet shopping. We hope that you will come visit us soon to experience the epitome of bed linen quality.

Yours sincerely,

Jack Maddison

Director, Kylin Bed Linen

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