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To :

Subject: Expansion of marketing business opportunities

Dear Mr. Micheal,

I am Nicole from Harvard Inc. Just to remind you of the accidental meeting we had last month at Hotel Parkland. During the process of our discussion you were keen on having some marketing relationship with our company. I am writing this email to take the discussion on the same further to its finality.

To tell you briefly about my company we are a small sized company engaged in products belonging to the cosmetics segment. As per our earlier discussion you mentioned that you are planning to diversify your marketing unit of health care products to include cosmetic products as well. We will be more than glad to have product marketing relationship with your company given the large customer base that your company enjoys right now in the market.

I will call at your office tomorrow to fix up an appointment to meet you personally to discuss further about this marketing relationship in detail. Please reply back to this email to confirm your interest in having a business relationship with our company.

I look forward to a mutually rewarding business relationship with your company soon.

Thank You

Yours truly,

Stewart Brook.

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