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Business networking to a lay man means to create a network of like-minded business people. There are many models of such networking and email networking is the buzzword these days. It draws more business entities mainly because it’s cost-effective. Can you work out what would have been the cost if you were to reach, say, 100 business concerns through telephone or post? And how about the time it would have taken?

Contrary to this, an email to these entities would be done in a matter of just few seconds. It does not take much pain to press few clicks of the button either. And moreover all this in the comfort zone of your four-walled A.C. rooms.

Networking Email Tips can be summarized as below:

1.Take the help of a search engine to accumulate the database of the entities whom you want to reach.

2.Email them an introductory mail.  This is very crucial. Here you should briefly outline from where you have got the entity’s information.

3.Briefly enumerate your business proposal.

4.Make the habit of follow-up to each query which the recipient may ask you.

5.If there is any change in your communication address, telephone numbers and email id, don’t forget to inform them. This will ensure there is no abrupt end to the data flow.

6.Rather than being causal in your approach be conspicuous.

Follow this few tips, and reap the dividends.

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