Marketing Introduction Email


Date: 23rd March 2013

Subject: Marketing introduction email

Respected Mr. Williams,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Star Marketing Agency. Through this letter, we would like to introduce you to the marketing business deals that we offer to the big companies like yours. We are known for uplifting the sales and profits ratios of companies like yours with our effective marketing strategies, business sales plan etc.

We run a business wherein we aim to provide support, attractions and offers to other companies linked to the marketing industry. With our proven record, we have trained our employees in such a way that they are skilled to generate marketing plans, offers, and programs to promote sales.

With such effective and beneficial marketing businesses, we tend to target the audience in a way that they are fascinated and benefitted by our offers.  With this mail, we would like to express our interest to enter into a marketing business with your company.

We assure you of our marketing expertise and knowledge. The marketing business deal would surely help your organization flourish in the long run.  Attached with this letter is a document that details our company’s profile, marketing proposals and offers.

For further details and information please contact us on 40503040.

Thanking you!


Troy Walt

Marketing Executive

Star Marketing Agency

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