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Marketing emails is a new and innovative way that most commercial organizations have adopted for the purpose of directly introducing products and services to email users. This is a new kind of marketing strategy which targets the entire online potential consumer who will be induced into purchasing the goods or services offered. These are done through advertisements and even requests within social networks. This is also used to build brand value and create awareness on larger scales. The main aim for sending such an email is to create a long lasting relationship with the customer. It is also an effective way of attracting new customers as well as retaining the old ones.

The marketing emails are also used for providing information about the latest products in the market that the company has introduced and also induce the consumers to pre-book or purchase them when released.

There are essentially three types of marketing email:

  • The direct email- The firm sends individual emails to each of their customer or a random group of people to create awareness about a product.
  • Email Newsletter- These are sent only to those who are subscribed to a company’s website
  • Interactive emails- Here, the customer is encouraged to enquire about the products and the manufacturer reply back to the emails.

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