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Dear Customer,

We respect you for being a regular customer of our Hotel, Bright Shine for your business purposes, meetings and holidaying with families. With already existing luxuries, we are pleased to inform you that we have advanced with spa centres, two swimming pools and a fully equipped gym.

Our hotel services such as room service, food service, luggage service etc have also been awarded as the best amongst all the neighbouring hotels in the city. A spectacular addition to our meal section now includes Thai dishes, and a full range of continental food, cooked by one of the finest Chef’s across the country.

With approaching winter holidays, we are writing to inform you that we have arranged an exclusive winter package for you and your family, at an amazing discount of 40%. The offer is limited and available just for few people.

We welcome you to our hotel this winter to enjoy our Mega discount offers.


Lee Watson

Marketing manager

Hotel, Bright Shine

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