Marketing Email Format

Name of Client:

Title of Client:

Address of Client or Company:


Dear (Name of the Client)

Paragraph 1:  Remember mesmerizing the reader. Introduce your company and try to stress on those points where you are better than your competitors. Your customer wants solution to his problems. So hit the customer where it matters the most. Tell him your product/service can help him get rid of his problem. Keep the sentences short and simple. Don’t brag unnecessarily going gaga about the product/service.

Paragraph 2:  Introduce the product by telling the features of it. Try to convince him that your product/service is the only thing which can relive him of his pain. Don’t take recourse to half truths and half lies. This will unnecessarily complicate things. Give him vital, genuine, relevant and reliable information

Paragraph 3:  it’s prudent to provide your contact information like email, phone numbers and website address.

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