Love Emails for Boyfriend


Dear Rudyard,

Our journey began from the day when we became friends, that extended to best friends and now together we make a good couple being the most lovable girlfriend and boyfriend.  Yes, I feel magical when you are around.

Me and my life have changed considerably and happily after you stepped in. I wished to have you when I first met you. Rudyard, you have come up with my expectations and I see my future with you. Since you were always ready with many new love ideas, you proved to serve me with a lot more than I ever expected out of you.

I strongly believe in your love and you are one of those people that every girl desires to have in life. Before I end up this letter, I want to tell you that my life begins and ends at you. As I trust you blindly, please never prove me a blind.

Love you forever and ever.

Yours beloved,

Mayra Cruise.

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