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Mu dear and lovely princess,

I am missing you very badly as you have been out of the city for the past two weeks. It has become very difficult to pass a single day without you. I am feeling very lonely and missing the warmth that I feel whenever you are with me. It seems that all the joy of my life has ended and life looks absolutely purposeless now. Every night I lie sleepless on the bed engrossed with your thoughts in my subconscious mind. I always make my heart understand that once you get back we will enjoy our company together again. I would like you remember those bright days in our life when we used to spend hours gossiping at the couples park. I am sure you too are missing those wonderful moments of our life that we have shared together. We have being testimonial to many highs and lows in our life. It feels like with every passing day my love for you is increasing and now it feels like that I have no existence alone.

Now I will be waiting for your mail to know the condition of your heart without my presence there.

Yours’ lovingly

John Christ

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