Loan Application Email


Mr. Roger Moore

Branch Manager

Grindzlays Bank

Dear Mr. Roger,

I Walter Marshall would like to introduce myself as a savings account holder in your bank with the account number: 2345 6789 1234 5674. I would like to apply for a personal loan from your bank.

I have been a customer with your bank since last five years. I have always maintained my minimum balance in my savings account and content with the service provided by you. So I would like to extend the relationship I have with you as a customer. I would like to apply for a personal loan for an amount of $50,000. The reason for the loan is that I am getting married and as you know there are lots of expenses that need to be incurred in a marriage.

I would be highly grateful if you grant me the above mentioned loan and also bless me for a happy married life. I am herewith attaching the necessary documents needed for the loan.

Thanking you,

Walter Marshall.

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