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To: Kepler_john@hotmail.com

Respected Mr. John,

I am writing this application to request you for a leave of absence for two weeks, i.e. from 10th March to 24th March. Yesterday my wife was taken for her medical check-up and she was diagnosed with fibroid. The fibroid needs to me removed through a surgery and I am required to be present with her till her recovery period.

My wife’s paternal side stays at New York and it is very difficult for them to manage coming to the hospital. Doctors have advised two weeks of complete bed rest to her. I am the only one to take care of her.

I therefore request you to grant me a leave of two weeks, starting from 10th March.  During my leave period, I would try to stay in touch with my colleagues through internet and phone calls. I will manage to complete the urgent and pending projects before going for a leave.

I hope you will approve my leaves.


Joe Marley


Taxation Department

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