Layoff Notice Email


Subject: Layoff notice email

Dear Marry,

I am feeling very disheartened to inform you that the management of our company has decided to terminate you from regular service from 1st August 2012.Although you were among the good performing employees of our company but the kind of job profile that you performed had become very obsolete in present day markets. As a result the company is currently restructuring its business plans and is therefore planning to stop all business interests which have become non profitable. As a result nearly twenty per cent of the total staff strength of the company unfortunately needs to be laid off and nearly forty per cent of the employees will allocated to new job profiles. You do not have the required qualification to meet the demands of the modern clients. You will be receiving your two months’ salary extra which will help you to sustain as you switch over to new job in the meantime. You are requested to complete all your existing projects before 30 July 2012.

Hope that you will get a new job soon and wish you a very happy and successful career. Please get in touch with the HR department to complete further formalities.

Thanking You

Yours’ Sincerely

Alex Christ

Manager HR

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