Layoff Emails

By | June 22, 2012

The layoff emails are a method through which a company let goes off its employee. This type of email is used for the temporary or permanent termination of employment for any individual employee. It explains to the employee why his or her services are no longer required in the company. This process is used for the purpose of downsizing which various companies go through from time to time especially during adverse conditions. It is a cost effective measure which is used when a company has suffered a huge loss and needs to turn it around to improve the company performance. The email requires being detailed yet specific explaining the nature or reason for firing an employee.

The layoff emails can be sent due to inept individual performance within the company. It can also be used to terminate an entire team or department within the firm.

  • The layoff email must be very clear with regards to the reason for termination of services.
  • At no point can it adopt a harsh tone; these emails must always have a professional and civil tone.
  • There should also be proper mention of unemployment compensation that the ex-employee will receive after his or her termination.

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