Layoff email format

Layoff email format

To: Mention the e-mail id the recipient

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs (name of the concerned person),

The paragraph should consist of the layoff introduction with some explanation along with the organization name. Try to introduce the recipient with the exact motive after he/ she has been laid off. Mention if the layoff will be temporary or permanent.  Mention the attachment, if there is any kind of layoff notice drafted to educate the employee. Use your words very carefully to avoid any kind of miscommunication.

The second section should be drafted effectively to inform the employee to complete the layoff formalities by submitting important documents and ask them to hand over the work to the next concerned person.  Mention the amount to be paid for overflow days. Do not forget to mention the effective layoff date starting from, and if it is temporary, do mention the date of re- joining.

In third part, ask the employee to clear the question & queries with the concerned department.

Show gratitude to the laid of employee in order to say thank him/ her for hard work, dedication and participation in organization growth.

Close the e-mail with regards,

Name of the sender

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