Layoff Announcement Email


Subject: Layoff announcement

Dear employees,

In response to the situations and realities of the deteriorating economy of our company, we are announcing a temporary layoff to all the staff members of the accounting sector. We are saddened to announce this layoff, but this is in accordance with the company’s policies and conditions.

The employees and all the staff members affected by this lay off would receive other important information and notifications from their manager, latest by the end of this week. The lay off employees would be surely given two month’s severance pay and they would be notified about their affected pay check.

The decision has been taken with the approval of all the senior managers of the company to curb the deteriorating economy conditions. The layoff is temporary and you all would be transferred to a new job post, if possible.

We have thought of organising a meeting for all the affected employees, so that we can discuss about the severance benefits, plan distributions and follow up job posts. You all are requested to be a part of this meeting and raise your desired queries.

We heartily appreciate your services and contributions to this company. We are sorry, the layoff was truly unavoidable. All the best for your future!


Henry Williams

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