Job Rejection Email

Dear Mr. Michel,

It is very nice to see your email regarding the vacant position of Sales Administer in Eagle Works Pvt. Ltd. Thank you so much for your information. But I am not able to apply for this post because I am already working with another company.

Thank you for arranging an interview with you corporation to discuss further career possibilities. Earlier, I was not happy with my job due to some management issues and unsatisfactory salary package. Moreover, I am staying very far off from my working place. So I had to put up my application for the vacant job in Sales department. But, fortunately, within same time, I got the same post in some other company. My new company is located very close to my residence.

I am so obliged to see your concern in my six months old submission.

Best wishes for your company’s growth and continued success.

Yours Truly,

Richie Warn

22/4- B

Fifth Street,

Wellington plaza

Los Angles.

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