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Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I hereby confirm that John Baits was a former employee of our retail division based in Memphis. He was appointed as the assistant manager and was employed from December 1st 2001 to September 23rd 2009. He was a brilliant boy with remarkable skill sets and educational qualification to match them. He earned an annual salary of 50,000 USD apart from other perks.

His job consisted of assisting his senior managers in making important decisions regarding various projects. He played a key role in successful implementation of a number projects. He would design a project, allocate the necessary work force, and also look after the functioning of the job. He also shared a good rapport with our clients. John was extremely reliable and dependable. He was a smart kid who would take care of everything.

If you require any other information, I shall only be obliged.

Yours faithfully,

Anderson Jackson

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