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By | August 13, 2012


Subject: Job Promotion announcement

Dear all,

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Jacky Watson as the Senior Manager in the marketing department of our company. Mr. Watson has been with our company for more than 8 years. His performances and years of hard work have finally made him achieve such a respectable position in the company.

During his employment tenure, Mr. Watson also held the position of staff manager, customer services manager and has always been awarded meritorious positions in the marketing department. His promotion to the post of a senior manager was well deserved and honoured. His presence amongst the co-workers, higher team members and other senior managers is greatly appreciated. One thing that has led him to this promotion is his time managing skills.

We deeply value all our employees working with us and we are so pleased to watch them meeting such great challenges and reaching towards an array of newer and higher responsibilities.

At the promotion of Mr. Watson, we have thought of arranging a small get together. I hope that you will mark your presence to congratulate him for his success and convey your good wishes for his new position.



George Markesan

HOD, Financial Department

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