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Dear Sir,

My name is Alice Cooper and I would like to enquire if there is any position in your chain of Pharmacy Stores. I hold a high school diploma with excellent grades in Math and Science. I have had four years of experience in working with a leading retail chain of markets. I had been appointed as the floor manager and I shouldered some very important responsibilities, like taking care of all the supplies as well as attending to the customers.

After working for four years I have had a 3 year diploma in hospitality and management.

I strongly believe that my experience in my past industry and my strong skill sets will greatly benefit your company. I always wanted to work in a pharmacy store and I believe that I will do a remarkable job. I am available to work from the 1st of next month. And I am flexible to work in any shifts.

Please find my attached CV in the email.

Yours faithfully

Alice Cooper

Phone Number- 98176599008

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