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Dear Mr. Joy,

I am writing you this mail to confirm my acceptance of your offered post. I am very delighted to accept the position of Marketing Manager with Newman Forces Pvt Ltd. Thank you so much for providing me such opportunity. I am eager to work with you and put in my efforts to the growth of company. I am sure that duties assigned to me are challenging and interesting.

As the organization has decided, my monthly salary will be $13000 with medical and insurance benefits will be provided from 120 days of acceptance of the job. Your assistance helped me a lot to find a new residence location near the workstation.

I am looking forward to join Newman Forces Pvt Ltd from April 13, 2010. If there is any further official information needed regarding my previous employment, please let me know in advance.

Once again, thanks for showing considering my candidature.

Yours Sincerely,

Mark Hussian

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