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Subject: Application for the post of an IT analyst

Respected Mr. Peter,

This email is in reference to your advertisement in the local newspaper, dated 7th September 2012. I am sending you my job application to apply for the post of an IT analyst at your esteemed organisation. Attached with this email is my resume which will brief you about my professional experiences, academic background and related IT skills.

During my career, I have gained considerable knowledge in analysing and examining IT related problems and hence defining necessary solutions. I possess a strong technical experience of more than 5 years of working as an IT analyst at Wisdom Technology Inc. When it comes to my key strengths, I am skilled to design, develop and support live use IT applications, provide exceptional services to my customers and client and deal with every kind of software and hardware updates. Attaining MS degree in Info-system Management, I was equipped to examine and analyse the latest technologies that arise in the IT sector and hence introduce the same in my works to produce remarkable success.

I thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward for an opportunity to sit for an interview with you. I can be contacted at 38294932.

Thanking you!


Joseph Greg

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