Interview Schedule Confirmation Email


Subject: Interview schedule confirmation email

Respected Mr. George,

I am writing this email to confirm the scheduling details of my interview that is to be held on 20th March 2013. This is in reference to the interview offer email that I received on 15th March 2013, offering an interview opportunity for the job post of marketing manager at Jack’s Marketing Agency. I was delighted to see the interview offer and the related scheduling, and through this mail I would like to mark confirmations of the same.

Through this email I wish to confirm that I will be able to meet Mr. Fred Darwin on 20th March 2013, at 5: 00 at the company’s head office. He will be interviewing me for the job post of marketing manager, in reference to the job application letter and the CV that was sent to your organization.

Attached with the email is the completed document of interview questionnaire that you sent to me along with the interview offer email.

I assure you of my marketing skills and potentials will contribute significantly towards the growth of Jack’s Marketing Agency. I would prove my candidacy in the best possible way during the interview session. For any other details or information, please contact me on 4995030.

I look forward to meet Mr. Fred Darwin at the interview scheduling.

Thanking you.

Eric Pop

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