Interview Email Format

Candidate’s Name:

Candidate’s Address:


Dear (candidate’s name)

First Paragraph: With reference to your mail received last week, I would like to inform you that we look forward to your visit with us (state the date, day, time and place of interview). Our manager was highly pleased with your resume and we are looking for a candidate like you in our organisation. (Briefly introduce your company. Mention about your areas of specialization so that the candidate becomes aware of what to expect in the interview and topics he should brush on).

Second Paragraph: I am attaching the schedule of the interview and the documents that you need to bring (state the details about the various formalities to be followed).

Third Paragraph: If you have any questions before you arrive, please feel free to contact me at (give telephone number and email address).

Regards and best wishes,

Joshua Ridge

Head, HR

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