Interview Decision Follow up Email


Subject: Interview decision follow up email

Respected Mr. Peter,

This is my follow up email in reference to the interview that was held on 10th March 2013, regarding the job post of marketing executive at Youth Enterprises Limited. Through this email, I would like to first of all thank you for your time and consideration to interview me for the mentioned post.

I greatly appreciate your professionalism and knowledge that you shared with me during the scheduled interview.

Through this email I would like to know the decision of the board of management for my interview. I was told that I would be informed about the final decisions and result of my interview by 15th March. It has been 3 days already that I have not got any reply or response from your side.

I hereby request you to kindly update about the final decisions and result of my interview at your earliest convenience. This follow up is important for me so as to carry on with my future job search.

I would be thankful to you of you update my about my interview decisions as soon as possible. I am greatly interested to work at the job post of marketing executive at a reputed organization like yours. If there is some additional information that you may need, please feel free to contact me on 4959495.

Thanking you


Alex Darwin

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