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Respected Mr. Shaw,

At present, I am an employee of your reputed company, Sanbiotek. I had joined this company as a junior research analyst in November, last year 2009. Recently, Ms. S. Khanna, one of the senior research analysts and also my senior colleague has left Sanbiotek to take up a job in another company. This has resulted in a vacancy in the position of senior research analyst.

I am aware that you are looking for someone suitable to fill in the position. I would be gratified if my name is considered for the position as I had been working with Ms. Khanna for the past one year. Therefore, I know the requirements and the challenges the job presents. I am willing to utilize my education and skills to deliver the desired outcome.

My detailed and updated resume is attached with the email. It also contains a list of my previous work experiences with other companies.

Thanking you,

P. Reddy.

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