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Dear Roger,

This letter is in response to the networking group that you intend to begin on the social networking site Hand Book. I am really keen to be a part of this networking site and would like more information in regards to that. I am aware about the cause of your networking and believe that it is very relatable for me.

It was on 10th of July that I was browsing through my profile on Hand Book and saw an invitation from your networking group on the social networking site. Your networking group invites members to be a part of the best parties in the town with a monthly subscription fee. I would term myself as a party animal and would like to stay informed about the most happening parties in the town. I have already shared this information with like minded friends and they would also get in touch with you.

I would like to know more about this networking group and the various rules and regulations that I have to follow in order to be a part of it. I would also like to know the monthly subscription fee. I would be grateful if you can get back to me with more information.

Thanking you,

Jim Beam

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