How to write a friendship email

Any email or electronic mail which is sent by a person to his/her friend is known as a friendship email. A friendship email is one which is written by following a casual approach to writing and is personal in nature. Friendship emails are one of the most commonly used types of emails which are used to express the love, friendliness and good wishes of one from to another. Any such email might sound an easy type of email to write but it can get tricky at times. In order to come up with a perfect friendship email, you must refer to the following given tips and suggestions.

  • A friendship email is one which must be very casual in its tone and should not sound formal at all. One must try and keep it personal and warm.
  • The email must be addressed to the email address of your friend and not anyone else.
  • A friendship email must always have a subject line. Do not leave the subject line blank and mention your purpose of writing the letter in it clearly. But keep the subject precise and do not extend it beyond a few words.
  • Since friendship emails are casual in nature, there are no strict rules as to what should be written and what should be avoided but one must make the email sound genuine and written straight from the heart.
  • While starting the mail, mention the name of your friend and also write ‘dear’, ‘dearest’ etc before that to complete the salutation properly.
  • The email must be divided into well formed paragraphs so that it looks well formulated and not haphazard in any way.
  • A friendship email should express your heartfelt feelings or thoughts and must be effective in putting forward your reason for writing the letter.

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