How to write a formal complaint email

A complaint email is a kind of an email which is written and sent to a person in order to make a complaint either some person or some activity. A formal complaint email on the other hand is a kind of a complaint email that is formal in nature and is sent to someone with whom the sender shares a formal relation.

Any such complaint email consists of a well formulated format and a nicely crafted body and content which points out to the complaint that the sender is making for the recipient to resolve. If you are wondering as to how to frame a formal complaint email, then you should go through the following given tips and suggestions which would be very useful for you.

  • A formal complaint email must be addressed carefully. You should have the email address of the individual who you want to make the complaint to and the email must be directed towards him/her only.
  • The complaint email should always have a subject that talks about your purpose of writing the email. The subject should be written only in a few words and should be precise in nature.
  • Start the email by writing a formal opening salutation. Write the name or surname of the person to whom you are addressing the email in the salutation.
  • You must keep your tone as polite as possible. The complaint must be written in such a way that the recipient does not feel insulted. You should avoid sounding aggressive as formal letters have to be very professional in nature.
  • Divide the email into two or three paragraphs but demarcate them properly. The first paragraph must be introductory while the second should be used to give the detailed complaint and the last paragraph should be used to close the email properly.

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