How to say goodbye in emails

Saying goodbye is difficult in any circumstance for any person. But when it is to be said through an email, it becomes an even more daunting task for the sender or writer. Saying goodbye in an email must be done in such a way that it expresses your true and heartfelt emotions on the departure of the recipient.

This might seem challenging as putting feelings into words may not be that easy for any person. The email in which a goodbye is said should also convey your views about the person and association you have had with the recipient in the past. If you are wondering how to say goodbye in an email, then the following given points will be really helpful for you.

  • Any email which is used to say goodbye to a person must be written carefully in such a way that your heartfelt emotion is conveyed and the fact that you are saddened on the recipient’s departure must be expressed properly.
  • A goodbye email must not only be used to say goodbye but can also be used to tell the recipient that you will miss him/her. One can also mention in brief about the memorable moments you have spent together and what you like about him/her the most.
  • A goodbye email is often used to wish good luck to the recipient for his/her future.
  • An email which is primarily written to say goodbye must be addressed carefully.
  • It should have a subject that defines your main purpose of writing the letter.  The subject must be very brief and precise in nature.
  • The body of the letter should be divided carefully into not more than 3 paragraphs.
  • You should give proper opening and closing salutation in the email and keep the tone of the email as per your relation with the recipient which means either formal or casual.

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