Grant Application Email


Subject: Grant application email

Respected Sir,

I am writing this email on behalf of Welfare State Department Organisation. Through this email, we would like to request from you to donate and contribute a grant amount of $1000 for the noble cause. We run an organisation wherein we aim to help, support and look after the children of the deprived areas. We strive to provide good nutrition, health care and proper well being to such children for their development. We are requesting for the grand from you in reference to the new program initiated by us that is called “Strive to help”.

With this program, we wish to raise the immunisation rate to 90% and the literacy rate to 80%. We are aiming to help the children below 2 years, providing them with adequate vaccines and immunisation. We therefore request you to contribute for the grant funding so that we can start the initiative.

We chose to approach you because of the trust that we have in you and your establishment. We look forward to hear a positive response from your side. We are hereby attaching a document providing details of the program.

Thanking you for your time and consideration.


James Joe


Welfare State Department Organisation

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