Goodbye Email to Vendor


Subject: goodbye email to vendor

Dear Mr. Ronalds

I, David Brown am taking this opportunity to bid you goodbye and wish you a very best of luck for your upcoming future endeavors. Since you are resigning from Ronalds Furniture house, I thought of writing to you personally to thank you for our association and professional relationship and also to bid you goodbye from this position. Ever since you came into contact with my company, it has been a complete pleasure to work with you. We, as a company have been very satisfied with the products sold by your company.

Mr. Fred, I also wish to tell you that I have learnt many positive traits from you and those have really helped me to do business better. You have been like a role model for me and my staff members and have never been dishonest or corrupt in any way. I hope that your years after retirement shall be happy and filled with love and joy. Wishing you the very best of health and wealth for the future. Hope to keep in touch.

I am a call away if you ever need me or remember me,

David Brown

Brown Corporation


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