Goodbye Email to Team Members


Subject: Email in order to bid goodbye to team members

Dear All,

I would like to bring to your notice that today is my last working day in the sales department of our organization Allied Group Limited. This email is to bid goodbye to all my team members.

I have applied for the position in the admin department and as the admin department is in a different city, I will be transferred here. It was a great experience working with you all. I will always cherish the time spent in this department. I am sure that I would never get a better team to work with. It is a very sad moment for me and I am at loss of words and unable to express my feeling. I will remember all the things that I have learnt working with you all.

I would request you to stay in touch. You can always mail me or call me on my new number 098-779-8878. I will miss you all a lot. Thanking you all for your help, support and encouragement during my work tenure in the department. Wishing you all a great future and very best of luck for your career.


John Woo

Sales Manager

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