Goodbye Email to Supervisor


Subject: bidding goodbye to my supervisor

Dear Mr. Jack

I, Greg George am quite saddened by the news of your transfer from this branch of the company to another branch. I came to know about this only yesterday and since then I have been feeling low and restless. Saying goodbye is so hard but since I know that this transfer will help you to further develop your skills and help other trainees like me, my heart fills with best wishes for you. Through this letter, I would like to wish you goodbye and hope that you will have a very bright future which is filled with happiness and professional satisfaction as well.

If all supervisors were like you, then all trainees would be happy trainees. You really helped me to shape and mould my skills and develop my knowledge and way of working. I am blessed to have you as a supervisor who is so encouraging and motivating. You have been easy to communicate with and it is always a pleasure receiving advice from you. I really hope that you will continue to supervise in this fashion in the future. Thanks a lot for everything

You will be missed

Thanking you

Greg George

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