Goodbye Email to Mentor


Subject: to bid goodbye to my mentor

Dear Mr. Bill

Life if a journey which is incomplete without a mentor, a friend and also someone you can look up to. You have played the most important role in my life which is that of a mentor. Sir, I, Henry Jackson am writing this letter to you in order to bid you goodbye as you are about to start a new journey in life by moving to a new country. I cannot believe that for the rest of my life, I would have to continue on my own, without your mentorship and a hand of blessing over me. You have been more than just a mentor to me; you have also been my support system and friend.

Sir Bill, you taught me how to write novels and how to edit them. You have guided me on each step where I was about to make a mistake. Your tips and suggestions have worked out brilliantly for me and they are the reason for me being successful and popular today. I really hope that you have a great future for yourself and never forget me.

Thanking you and wishing you good luck

Yours faithfully,

Henry Jackson


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