Goodbye Email to Customers


Subject: Email to bid you goodbye

Respected Mr. Wild,

This email is in regards to the telephonic conversation we had day before yesterday. As per the telephonic conversation we would not be handling your accounts anymore and would like to wish you goodbye.

We have been handling all your advertising and promotion work since last two years. It has been a wonderful experience doing business with your organization and it would have been great if we could continue it. We are shutting down our office in this city and opening a new office in another city.  We are no longer going to operate in this city. I promise that before moving to the new city I would recommend a good advertising agency who would take the responsibility of all your advertising as well as promotional work. I would be missing doing business with you. I don’t think that our organization would be able to develop such a working relationship with any other client. It was also a great learning experiencing with you. We have never been so satisfied working with any other client.

Wishing good luck and success for your organization.


Jack Ripper

PR Officer

Creative Ad Agency

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