Goodbye Email to CEO

By | November 20, 2012


Subject: bidding goodbye

Respected Sir

I, Peter Andrews on behalf of the core marketing team of Peterson Corporation am writing this letter to you sir to bid you goodbye as you leave this company. Sir, we all were quite reluctant about your retirement and now that this day has come, we are left quite saddened. You have been one of the most encouraging people in this company and have handled all your duties and responsibilities really well. Under your guidance and supervision, this organization has tasted success and you will be really missed and remembered by us all.

The entire marketing team wants to wish you good luck for the future and for the next chapter of your life. We hope that you remain happy and lead your life with the poise and modesty that you have always wanted. Personally, I would like to thank you for all those times when you helped me to get up and start over again each time I fell. I have developed my skills under you sir and am very grateful to you for the same.

Wishing you best of luck for your future sir

Yours sincerely

Peter Andrews

Head, Marketing Department

Peterson Corporation

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