Goodbye Email to Business Contacts


Subject: Goodbye email to business contact

Dear all,

I wish to take a moment to inform all the business contacts that I have built during my employment at Wisdom Enterprises Limited, that I am leaving my job post of Sales Executive. This is to let you know that I have got a new job at some other company and I am looking forward for some wider business opportunities. Through this email I would like to bid a farewell to each one of you.

I am greatly thankful for the kind of business relationship, level of professionalism and services that I received from you. It was a great experience working in close collaboration with you and having an opportunity to know and explore more about your businesses. On my farewell, I would like to take this opportunity to let you know that I will deeply miss the type of relationship and bond that we shared. The working experiences and ethics that I learnt with you would surely help me prosper in future.

I will be missing you in my future business endeavours and I look forward to stay in touch with you always. All the best for your career prospects



Fred Darwin

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