Good Friendship Email


Dear Paul

Subject: Our friendship

Life is a journey which is incomplete without having a friend to share it with. A friend is a person who is dearer than a family member, more precious than a gemstone and more valued than any other thing on the planet. For me, you are that one special friend dear Paul. You and I have shared the most amazing friendship ever and I hope god continues to bless us this way all our lives.  Paul, may god be with you forever and may he bless us with more days together.

A friend is a special person who knows us inside out. You too know me better than I know myself and this is the reason why you have always given me good advice in life. It is because of you that success has come my way from the school days. You have scolded me on my mistakes and patted me on the back on my success. Thanks for everything dear Paul. I promise today through this email that I will stand by you no matter what and will prove to be a friend worthy of your friendship.

I remember the time when we first met and the day when you had come to live in the neighbourhood. Those endless talks, those endless games and laughter are still fresh in my mind like it was just yesterday. Hope you remember the good times and forget about the few bad ones.

Your loving friend

Tim Shield.

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