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Dear Chris Mathews,

You have truly surprised me in a pleasant way on last Sunday when I received the beautiful collection of short stories with a bonus feature of a DVD in my mail. I was surprised by both the facts. The fact, you happened to remember this special day and your thought of presenting me such a wonderful series of books. I have always cherished reading and collecting good books. It is a habit that has been growing since my childhood. So thanks for being so caring and thoughtful.

I wanted to own this series but I wasn’t able to find it in any of my local book stores.

I will have a good time this summer holidays with these books keeping me company all the time. I thank you for taking so much time and effort in finding this gift for me. It is one of my best gifts and I will truly cherish it forever. Since you love reading too I am attaching one of my favorite books as an attachment to this email. I hope you will like them.

I thank you for being so nice and giving me such a lovely gift.

Yours faithfully


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