General Meeting Announcement Email


Subject: General meeting announcement email

Dear share holders,

This email is to announce that the 21st annual general meeting of the company would be held at Fortune Hotel on 20th May 2014. The decided time for the general meeting to commence is from 12:00PM onwards.

With this meeting announcement email, we would like to inform you that the purpose of the meeting is as follows:

1)      To discuss regarding the appointment of the directors to the company.

2)      Discuss about the account statements

3)      To make final declarations of the dividend amount per ordinary share as on 30th April and the procedure of the distribution of the same.

4)      To reappoint the auditors, if needed.

5)      To re elect the director, if needed.

6)      To consider or discuss upon the resolutions concerning the upcoming shares and dividends.

You all are requested to mark your presence in the general meeting so as to raise your opinions and participate actively. You are requested to kindly confirm your presence by sending us a reply back to this email by 10th May 2014. We look forward to have you.

Thanking you for your kind consideration.



The Joy Enterprises Limited

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