Funny Office Email

Mr. Tom Daniel

Vice President- Sales

Dear Tom,

I want to share something that happened today morning at my place between me and my Newfoundland dog. I have a bad habit. I use to kick my dog when I am in bad mood due to my wife.

Earlier we were having Terriers and Dachshunds; who were used to my bad habit. Again, I was not in good mood and then kicked my Newfoundland doggie, but he took umbrage with my habit and bit me. I kicked him again, because this time I was very angry and he bit me again. Suddenly a thought came to my head that by hitting him, I am not going to win any competition. I controlled my habit to hit my dog and he controlled himself to bite me again. I found it quite funny to discuss with you.

Hope you have enjoyed my funny habit.

With Regards,

Steve Atkinson

Vice President- Marketing

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