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Respected Miss Smith,

This is to inform you about the theft of my heart. I feel that my heart has been missing from my body. It seems that someone has stolen it and I believe that the thief is no one else but you.

My heart has been missing since 10th of October 2009, the day I fell in love with you. There are reasons to justify my belief that you are the thief. Even before it was missing it was always beating for you. My heart beat would increase every time I got a glimpse of you. You not only have stolen my heart but also hacked into my mind as it always thinks about you.

It is my sincere request to return my heart or else you will have to face severe punishment. The punishment is to spend rest of your life with me. The punishment can become more severe and the relationship will culminate into marriage.

Thanking you,

John Lennon.

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