Funny Goodbye Email to Friends


Subject: Funny goodbye email to friends

Dear All,

I had a great time here in ABC University with all of you but now it is time for me to leave and I want to say that I have immensely enjoyed my stay here and thank you all for all the support, help and good times that you provided. Claudia, I am going to miss you. That habit of yours, to keep things lying around here and there has helped me a lot. I have been able to keep my bottle of perfume intact and use yours. It was good. Suzie, I will miss your lunch. Now you must know why your lunch used to disappear at times. Trust me, I couldn’t do without them.

Harry, I’m sorry I broke your heart by being engaged to someone else beforehand. I really sympathise with you that by staying in the same campus with you, I made it very difficult for you to keep your eyes away from me! I am sure; now that I am leaving you will be able to concentrate on more options!

I will miss all of you a lot. It is these funny little things that kept us together. Let us be in touch and keep our bond intact.

Goodbye and stay in touch!


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